Insulated Underlay

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A thin polystyrene insulation barrier with effective acoustic properties to reduce contact noise. Warmup Insulated Underlay sits between the cold subfloor and the Foil Heater, reflecting heat upwards therefore making the underfloor heating system more efficient and effective. The foil backing acts as an effective moisture barrier. The Insulated Underlay has been specially developed for installation under the Foil Heater and Dual Overlay as part of a complete and stable system.

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How do I fix the insulated underlay to the subfloor?

Follow these steps to secure the Warmup insulated underlay to the subfloor: Ensure that the base is clean and dry Roll out the underlay, foil face down (you may secure edges using sections of duct tape) Roll out the next section of underlay Remove the protective film from the self adhesive overlap Stick both rows […]

Can I use an alternative underlay instead Warmup’s underlay?

Yes – but the underlay must be soft, 6mm thick and be suitable for use with underfloor heating systems. Rigid underlay boards are not suitable and may result friction damage to the heating element especially in high traffic areas. A soft underlay will provide a cushion and protect the heater from damage. If installing onto […]

Is the insulated underlay required with the foil system?

The Warmup insulated underlay must be used under the foil heating system.  Friction damage can occur if the foil heater is installed between two hard surfaces, installing the insulated underlay will cushion and protect heater from damage. Friction damage can occur if the heater has been installed between to hard surfaces. If using another brand […]