Warmup Insulation Boards

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Using Insulation Boards with floor heating significantly reduces heat-up times and running costs.

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Why do you recommend Insulation Boards on a concrete base?

The insulation boards are used to prevent heat escaping downwards to the subfloor, improving the efficiency of the system. Insulation boards can reduce running costs by as much as 50% because they are a highly efficient thermal barrier to cold rising from the subfloor. By reflecting the heat upwards instead of losing heat to the […]

What does R Value mean ?

The R value is a measure of thermal resistance used in the construction industry. The higher the R value the better an insulator (e.g. 10mm Warmup® Insulation Boards have an R value of 0.28 m²K/W and the 20mm Warmup® Insulation Boards have an R value of 0.58 m²K/W). All buildings should strive for the highest […]

What are Warmup Insulation Board made from?

Warmup® Insulation Boards are made of waterproof extruded polystyrene with a glassfibre mesh embedded on each face, onto a cement polymer adhesive. The boards are fully waterproof, preventing any water to pass through them in the way expanded polystyrene boards do. They are lightweight, easy to cut with a knife and install onto any surface. […]

Where can I use Insulation Boards?

The Warmup insulation boards can be used on Floors & Walls Warmup® Insulation Boards can be used as a structural tile backer board on the floor, withstanding a load of 30 tonnes/sqm and are ideal for use with underfloor heating. They offer the added benefit of high sound proofing properties. We recommend a minimum thickness […]

Warmup Insulation Boards: Preparing for the Installation of Floor Heating

All surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned of all dirt and debris. When installing over an existing concrete base, it is important to remove all traces of existing finishes, contamination, etc. to allow for a clean surface.