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Why Won’t My 4iE Connect to the Internet?


If your 4iE wont connect to the internet follow these steps to rectify this issue:

Ensure that your password is WPA2 and your router is set to a 2.8gHZ band. If the router is not on a 2.4gHz band please contact your internet provider to amend this.

Remove the front panel of the unit and leave disconnected for 15 mins.

Press and hold the reset button on the back of the front panel for 1 minute

Reconnect the front panel

In the main menu go to settings > network and re- enter the details.

If this does not work try connecting via a mobile phone.

Create a mobile hot spot and try to connect the thermostat to your phone. If the thermostat connects to your phone it is an issue with your WiFi in your property, it may be that the signal is too weak or too many devices are connected to your router.

Please  contact your internet provider to check this.