Installation Heater

Is there a video guide for installing the Electric Floor Heating Mat?

Watch Warmup Electric Underfloor Heating Mat Installation To view a demonstration, watch our video on heating mat installation. 

How to test my underfloor heating?

To test your underfloor heating you will need a multi-meter with a range from 0-20K ohms for testing. The resistance of each heater should be tested to establish if you have a circuit. You should carry out the following tests and should expect the results below: Live to Neutral – should give you the ohms […]

How do I fix the insulated underlay to the subfloor?

Follow these steps to secure the Warmup insulated underlay to the subfloor: Ensure that the base is clean and dry Roll out the underlay, foil face down (you may secure edges using sections of duct tape) Roll out the next section of underlay Remove the protective film from the self adhesive overlap Stick both rows […]

Is the insulated underlay required with the foil system?

The Warmup insulated underlay must be used under the foil heating system.  Friction damage can occur if the foil heater is installed between two hard surfaces, installing the insulated underlay will cushion and protect heater from damage. Friction damage can occur if the heater has been installed between to hard surfaces. If using another brand […]

Is the Dual Overlay fixed to the subfloor?

The Warmup® Dual Overlay is a floating subfloor – it is not fixed to the floor below. The system includes a 3mm  base board and a 4mm top board with contact adhesive, which bonds them together to make one solid subfloor, It provides a smooth and seamless subfloor making it suitable for soft and resilient […]

Where should I place the floor sensor?

The floor sensor should be placed centre of two wire runs at least 300mm into the heated area. It is important that the floor sensor is fitted in the correct location in order to read an accurate floor temperature. The floor senor must not be placed to close to the heating element or cross over […]

When can I turn my underfloor heating on?

The underfloor heating should not be activated until the adhesive or screed layer has fully cured. This can be anything from 7-28 days depending on the thickness of the adhesive/screed . If the heating is switched too early this can fast dry the adhesive which may result in cracking.

Can the Inscreed Cable System be laid directly onto insulation material? (i.e. single pour)

Yes, if you use cement-faced or foil-faced insulation boards suitable for electric underfloor heating such as the Warmup Insulation Boards.

How thick is the screed used with the system?

The Warmup Inscreed Cable is designed to be placed within a screed of at least 50mm in thickness. The exact floor build up depends on the insulation materials in the subfloor – please see the installation manual for full details:

Can the Inscreed Cable System be shortened?

Never shorten the Inscreed Cable. You must ensure that the correct size is installed into the area. We have a large range of sizes to choose from.