Miscellaneous questions

Why is my 4iE coming on during off times?

On the initial set up a set back temperature should have been set, this is temperature that you would like the underfloor heating to drop down to during the off periods. The setback temperature is the temperature the system drops down to when you do not wish the heating to be on. If the setback […]

Why is my 4iE Screen blank ?

If the 4iE screen is blank check the following: Check that the standby /display brightness is not on the lowest setting “0”. If you have set the standby brightness to 0 you will need to press the standby button at the bottom of the main screen to activate the screen so that you can see […]

Can the foil heater be used under tiles?

No – the foil heater is designed for use under floating floors only. Tiles are fixed to the sub floor using tile adhesive and a suitable system will be required such as the DWS, SPM (Stickmat) or the DCM-PRO system. Click here for further information on these systems.  

Can the foil heater be installed under a glued wood floor ?

The Foil heater is designed to be installed under floating wood floors only. If installing a wood floor involves using a adhesive or glue a alternative system will be required. The Warmup DWS loose wire or Sticky mat system can be used for wood flooring that is to be glued. The heater should be covered […]

Can the 4iE be used with Alexa?

The 4iE is compatible with Alexa so you can control your heating using voice control. To enable your 4iE to work with Alexa follow these steps: Open the Alexa App Go to the menu and select skills. Find the Warmup 4iE skill and select  to open the skill detail page. Select the enable skills option, […]

How does Tempo thermostat work?

Tempo Operation The Tempo operates by using the sliding lever on the right-hand side.This takes you through the four easy program steps to set the day, time and heat periods you desire. Turn the dial to increase or decrease the settings and then press to secure that setting. The sliding lever at the bottom allows […]

What is the difference between Tempo and the 3iE Thermostat?

The difference between Tempo and the 3iE is the energy-monitoring function. The 3iE energy monitor tracks your exact usage and based on your fuel rates, displays your underfloor heating costs. Through the Active Energy Management, it gives users suggestions to lower usage and fuel costs without sacrificing comfort.

What is Active Energy Management?

The 3iE® Energy-Monitor Thermostat has a unique feature called Active Energy Management. It displays graphs of the users recorded energy consumption. By following the on-screen prompts, users can save up to 10% on utility bills by choosing the best and most efficient temperature for each room.

Does the Myheating App have Data Protection?

MyHeating™ uses the same web security as online banking and each communication between your 4iE and MyHeating is protected using the same encryption the intelligence services use for classified documents. Warmup backs-up and stores all data safely encrypted to protect it, with firewalls and electronic surveillance in place. To ensure your system is safe, Warmup […]

How do I connect the 4iE® to your WiFi?

To connect the 4iE to your WiFi network  follow these steps: Press the main menu button( 3 lines on main screen) Select settings > select  network The thermostat will scan for available networks Select the Wifi network you wish to connect to > Press accept Enter your WIFI password by selecting the appropriate symbol and […]