Why can’t I program my 4iE to read air temperature?

You can program the 4iE Thermostat to read the ‘Air’ temperature by following the steps below. Select Menu on the 4iE home screen Select Settings Select Advanced Settings Select Heating Settings Select Heating Limits Select your floating floor type (wood, vinyl and laminate) Select ‘Back’ twice Select Heating Preference Select Control Air/Floor Scroll up/down to […]

Why can’t I program my Tempo to read air temperature?

The thermostat has a safety feature to restrict the user from selecting an air temperature mode for certain floor coverings.

Why is my 3iE coming on during off periods?

On the initial set up a set back temperature should have been set, this is temperature that you would like the underfloor heating to drop down to during the off periods. The setback temperature is the temperature the system drops down to when you do not wish the heating to be on. If the setback […]

How to set the number of programs per day on TSTAT?

Follow these steps on how to set the number of programs per day on TSTAT. You can select the number of programs to be used each day. For example, you can set it to run all 4 programs or only 2 (1st and 4th) or none (0) • To change the amount of programs per […]

Setting the Time and Day on Easy TSTAT Flap

• Press Clk using ▼▲ set hour. • Press Clk using ▼▲ set min. • Press Clk using ▼▲ set day. • Press Mode to exit. Note. The 12hr clock is used in the °F display setting. The 24hr clock is used in the °C display setting. See instruction manual for more detailed instructions.

How to programme times and temperature on OCC2

Follow these steps to program the OCC2 thermostat • To begin programming press ok button () for 3 seconds, the start time will be displayed. • Using the ▼▲ buttons set the time at which you wish the heaters to come on in the morning. press ok button (tick) • A temperature will be displayed. […]

How to reset the OCC2 thermostat

To reset the OCC2, Insert a pin into the whole next the letter R. This will reset the thermostat back to the factory settings.

How to set the Time and Day on OCC2

To set the time and day on OCC2 Follow these steps: Insert a pin into the hole next to the clock symbol. Then using the ▼▲ buttons set the time and then press the ok button (tick). Then set the day using the ▼▲ buttons then press the ok button (tick ) (the days are […]

How do I view my energy usage and set up Energy Monitoring on the XSTAT?

Set the Energy Monitoring as below to view energy usage • Cost = The cost per Kilowatt from your electricity provider • Load = The load of the heaters installed in Kilowatts, e.g. DSW800 = 800 watts = 0.8 Kilowatts

How does Tempo thermostat work?

Tempo Operation The Tempo operates by using the sliding lever on the right-hand side.This takes you through the four easy program steps to set the day, time and heat periods you desire. Turn the dial to increase or decrease the settings and then press to secure that setting. The sliding lever at the bottom allows […]