How to test my underfloor heating?

To test your underfloor heating you will need a multi-meter with a range from 0-20K ohms for testing. The resistance of each heater should be tested to establish if you have a circuit. You should carry out the following tests and should expect the results below: Live to Neutral – should give you the ohms […]

Why is my 3iE coming on during off periods?

On the initial set up a set back temperature should have been set, this is temperature that you would like the underfloor heating to drop down to during the off periods. The setback temperature is the temperature the system drops down to when you do not wish the heating to be on. If the setback […]

Why is my 4iE Screen blank ?

If the 4iE screen is blank check the following: Check that the standby /display brightness is not on the lowest setting “0”. If you have set the standby brightness to 0 you will need to press the standby button at the bottom of the main screen to activate the screen so that you can see […]

The air temperature on my 4iE is not right

If you find that the air temperature on the 4iE  is not correct check that the thermostat has been set up correctly. On the initial 4iE set up if the incorrect wattage of the heaters (system power ) or System type has not been selected correctly this issue will occur. To resolve the issue go […]

4iE cannot find my SSID WiFi name

If your 4iE cannot find my SSID WiFi name please check the following: Make sure that the SSID name has not been hidden. You will need to go into your router settings to check this. ( usually it would have a tick box next to SSID name) Check if it may be a range issue, […]

What if I damage the Loose Wire Heater during / after installation?

If the heater is damaged during installation there are number of options available. 1) Safety Net Warranty If the heater is damaged during installation you can return the heater to Warmup and we will replace the heater free of charge for the same size model. (The warranty covers one heater per household/ installer, please see […]

What Does Heater Error mean on the 3iE thermostat?

There are a number of reasons why the “Heater error” message is displayed: A contactor (external relay ) has been fitted The thermostat will display this error as the current sensor cannot detect a heater(s). The 3iE will still operate as normal but will constantly display the error. The 3iE has been wired up incorrectly  […]

What does the Error Message on my Tempo Mean?

If you see the floor sensor error icon on the screen it means that your thermostat has been unable to detect the temperature of the floor. Please contact Warmup.

Can I cut the Electric Floor Heating System if I have too much?

This page explains why Warmup does not recommend you cut the wire for any reason and provides solutions to having too much cable.

Can I cut my floor heating mat if it’s too large?

Instead, try pulling the cable off the mesh and spacing the cable every 2 or 2.5 inches apart. Consult your installation manual with further questions regarding where the cable or mat can be run.