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Can I install my Warmup system directly on top of plywood?


Since wood functions as a natural insulator, you can install your Warmup floor heating system directly on a plywood sub-floor.

Of course, using Warmup Insulation Boards, even with a plywood sub-floor, will still improve performance. Ensure that the sub-floor is smooth, dry and free from dust. Visually check that there are no objects on the floor that might damage the heating mat.

This image shows a loose cable system on a wood sub-floor. The installer is using the sleeper method for under hardwood floor installations.

Loose cable system on a wood sub-floor. Installer is using the sleeper method for installation under hardwood floors.

Note: If your installation involves having a non-insulated crawl space or garage under the sub-floor, we would recommend the use of insulation boards prior the installation. This will decrease heat loss in order to increase efficiency.