How do I fix the insulated underlay to the subfloor?

Follow these steps to secure the Warmup insulated underlay to the subfloor: Ensure that the base is clean and dry Roll out the underlay, foil face down (you may secure edges using sections of duct tape) Roll out the next section of underlay Remove the protective film from the self adhesive overlap Stick both rows […]

Can I use an alternative underlay instead Warmup’s underlay?

Yes – but the underlay must soft, 6mm thick and be suitable for use with underfloor heating systems. Rigid underlay boards are not suitable and may result friction damage to the heating element especially in high traffic areas. A soft underlay will provide a cushion and protect the heater from damage. If installing onto an […]

Is the insulated underlay required with the foil system?

The Warmup insulated underlay must be used under the foil heating system.  Friction damage can occur if the foil heater is installed between two hard surfaces, installing the insulated underlay will cushion and protect heater from damage. Friction damage can occur if the heater has been installed between to hard surfaces. If using another brand […]

How many sensor settings does the 3iE have?

Warmup’s 3iE® offers a choice of three sensor settings. These include an air, external and floor sensor setting to allow more accurate control of your underfloor heating system.  

How do I connect the 4iE® to your WiFi?

To connect the 4iE to your WiFi network  follow these steps: Press the main menu button( 3 lines on main screen) Select settings > select  network The thermostat will scan for available networks Select the Wifi network you wish to connect to > Press accept Enter your WIFI password by selecting the appropriate symbol and […]

Can I use other Warmup Heaters with the Underlay/ Dual Overlay?

The Warmup Underlay / Dual Overlay systems are designed to work specifically with Warmup Foil Heaters only.

How is Dual Overlay sold?

Each pack contains: 4 base boards & 4 top boards and covers 2.88m² of flooring.

Is the Dual Overlay fixed to the subfloor?

The Warmup® Dual Overlay is a floating subfloor – it is not fixed to the floor below. The system includes a 3mm  base board and a 4mm top board with contact adhesive, which bonds them together to make one solid subfloor, It provides a smooth and seamless subfloor making it suitable for soft and resilient […]

Why do you recommend Insulation Boards on a concrete base?

The insulation boards are used to prevent heat escaping downwards to the subfloor, improving the efficiency of the system. Insulation boards can reduce running costs by as much as 50% because they are a highly efficient thermal barrier to cold rising from the subfloor. By reflecting the heat upwards instead of losing heat to the […]

What does R Value mean ?

The R value is a measure of thermal resistance used in the construction industry. The higher the R value the better an insulator (e.g. 10mm Warmup® Insulation Boards have an R value of 0.28 m²K/W and the 20mm Warmup® Insulation Boards have an R value of 0.58 m²K/W). All buildings should strive for the highest […]