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How does Tempo thermostat work?

Tempo Operation The Tempo operates by using the sliding lever on the right-hand side.This takes you through the four easy program steps to set the day, time and heat periods you desire. Turn the dial to increase or decrease the settings and then press to secure that setting. The sliding lever at the bottom allows […]

What is the difference between Tempo and the 3iE Thermostat?

The difference between Tempo and the 3iE is the energy-monitoring function. The 3iE energy monitor tracks your exact usage and based on your fuel rates, displays your underfloor heating costs. Through the Active Energy Management, it gives users suggestions to lower usage and fuel costs without sacrificing comfort.

Can I use other Warmup Heaters with the Underlay/ Dual Overlay?

The Warmup Underlay / Dual Overlay systems are designed to work specifically with Warmup Foil Heaters only.

Can I use the Warmup Loose Wire System as a primary heat source?

If your room is well insulated and complies with modern insulation levels you should be able to use Warmup as the sole heat source. However, if your house is an older property with lower insulation properties it is likely that an additional heat source may be required. Heat loss calculations can be carried out by […]

Can the DCM-PRO system reduce the risk of my tiled floor developing cracks?

As a decoupling system, the DCM-PRO has been designed to absorb the normal lateral movement which occurs when the subfloor and finished floor expand and contract at different rates. This has been backed up with a ‘High Performance’ rating for crack isolation, as externally tested according to ANSI (American National Standards Institute,

Can I use the StickyMat System with floor coverings other than tiles?

The StickyMat range is specifically designed for use under tiles but it is possible to use the system with other floor coverings. For this type of application the Stickymat will need to be covered with a 10mm self-levelling compound before applying the finished floor. It is important to check with the flooring manufacturer that the […]

Can I use the Loose Wire System with floor coverings other than tiles?

Yes, it is possible to use the loose wire system under floor coverings other than tiles. The Loose Wire range is specifically designed for use under tiles but by covering the wires with a 10mm self levelling compound it  is possible to use the Loose Wire system with other floor coverings, It is important to […]

Can you heat under glass mosaic tiles ?

Yes you can heat under glass tiles. The thin-set holds the heat. The glass (silicon) isn’t a very good conductor but the thin-set does the work.

What size back box should be used for Mounting a 3iE/4iE thermostat ?

In order to properly mount your 4iE thermostat, you will need a back-box as well as a mud-ring. Warmup can recommend compatible items.